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<---- Phew! Get a whiff of hosehead!
This page is about me, Rory Buszka, the roadie guy, web site guy, and all-around devoted fan of Optional necessity. However, I haven't bothered to find a picture of me that I like, so here are my two favorite comedians of all-time: Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas (not the Wendy's guy), better known as Second City Television's Bob & Doug McKenzie. There's a funny story about all of this.


Rory Buszka

Full Name: Rory Paul Buszka


Nickname: The Roadie


Birthday: May 31, 1985



  • Movies: Star Wars Trilogy, Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, Strange Brew, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
  • Bands: Five Iron Frenzy(duh), MxPx, New Found Glory, The Insyderz
  • Video Game: Final Fantasy VII, Super Mario Bros., various other Nintendo and PS1 games

How long have you been playing your instrument: Baritone: 6.09 years, Trombone: 1.2 years, Trumpet: 7.75 weeks


Misc: Anyway, as I was saying, there's a funny story about the whole Great White North shtick on SCTV. Second City Television was like our Saturday Night Live here in the States, only they also showed it in Canada. Around this time, the Canadian Cultural Identity Commission, or CCIC, was formed. The CCIC required every television broadcast to have at least 10% Canadian cultural content. The staff at SCTV came up with a very creative way of meeting this requirement: They chose Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas to play the McKenzie Brothers, a couple of what the Canadians call "hosers", people who drink and smoke and wear flannel and aren't too bright. So anyway, like, these two people would sit down and talk about Canadian stuff. But something happened that SCTV did not expect. The SCTV ratings went up immediately, because the Canadians loved this native Canadian comedy, so they went on to produce The Great White North Album, with their own hit single, "Take Off", featuring Geddy Lee from Rush. The legend goes that Geddy Lee, the lead singer from the Canadian rock group Rush, had no contract with Anthem Records to get royalties from the sale of the album, so legend has it that he only got $10 for making the song. Then the McKenzie brothers went on to star in the movie Strange Brew, where the McKenzie brothers, in an attempt to get free beer, wind up caught in a scheme by the evil Brewmeister Smith to take over the Elsinore brewery and take over the world with drugged beer. It's a good movie, and I think you can still rent it from most Blockbuster Video locations. I also believe that NBC shows SCTV reruns at, like, 2 in the morning or something.