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<---Ok, now some people are confused about Josh's nickname, right? Well, here's the deal with that. His name is SPELLED "FiCi" but when you come up to him and talk, you say it "Fish", as in "fish sticks". Also, FiCi is not supposed to be like that...other word for poo. Just in case you were wondering.


Josh Hyland

Full Name: Joshua David Hyland


Nickname: FiCi


Birthplace: Ft. Wayne, IN


Birthday: May 8, 1982



  • Movies: Unbreakable, Godfather Trilogy, the Untouchables, and Star Wars.
  • Authors: Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind, Raymond Feist, and Peirs Anthony.
  • Bands: Lugnut, The Insyderz, P.O.D., Switchfoot, Project 86, Thousand Foot Krutch, (if you really want to know them all email them and me and I will tell you)
  • Super Hero: The Original Superman
  • Cartoon: The Big O
  • Video Game: Gauntlet Legends
  • Subject in School: Study Hall, I really, really, like to study. I sometimes miss practice because I'm studying so hard. Oh wait, I'm not in school! Ha Ha!
  • Thing to do at shows: Give the rules. SNE!

How long have you been playing your instrument: Five years on tenor, but I have played saxes for a total of eight years.


Church: River Oaks Community Church


Misc: I also like quiet walks by the beach at sunset although I have never been to a beach at sunset.

Favorite Number: 9,643,568,753,148,259,584,356,156.3 (though 7 is the number of completeness.)