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<--- This is Lydia, our Alto Sax. Her brother, Josh, plays Tenor Sax, so that makes us, like, the saxiest band we know of, because we have two saxophone players, while all the others just have one.


Lydia Hyland

Full Name: Lydia May Hyland


Nickname: Animal


Birth Place: Hailey, ID


Birthday: January 22, 1985



  • Movies: The kind that make me laugh
  • Authors: The ones that write short books
  • Bands: The ones that play good music
  • Super Hero: The ones that save the world
  • Cartoon: Smurf; remember the little blue guys
  • Video Game: Don't have one
  • Subject in School: The ones that don't involve too much thinking -- It hurts too much.
  • Thing to do at Shows: I don't know... play, dance around, go crazy, have fun, praise God

How long have you been playing your instrument: a little over a year and a half


Church: River Oaks Community Church



Have you ever thought about what life would be like if God had decided that He didn't want to make us in His own image? Would we be dogs, or birds, would we be able to communicate with each other? What about if our letters weren’t really pronounced the same as they are now? Who ever came up with them sounding that way anyway? If the number four was actually pronounced “e-x-i-t” would it still be Tommy’s favorite number?