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Colin, 4.17.2002

Well as most of you readers probably know most of the members of Optional Necessity are in New York City right now. I really wish that I was with them. But I'm stuck here at Purdue working on the new website. For those of you who don't know, I'm creating the new Optional Necessity website as a project for my HTML class. I've been using all of the skills I've learned from that class to give the site a new updated look. You'll notice I've tried to keep the look and feel as close to the old site as possible, with out compromising my artistic views on where the site should be going. Other than that I'm working on 3 other projects that are due in a week. Everybody pray for me cause finals are in two weeks and I don't feel very prepared for them.


Until next time


~ Colin




Rory the Roadie, 3.28.2002

If you actually ate chocolate cheese pancakes for breakfast last Friday, I was only kidding about that. Although they really aren't that bad. JD's younger brother Andrew (who is our official photographer and all around eccentric guy,) prepared some, and I heard that nobody ate them. Anyway, yeah. The show was a great success, although we could have used more time to rehearse. Anyway, it was really 4.

Oh, and yeah. We have the pictures from 03.22.2002. Go and look at them.

Keep it real.



Rory the Roadie, 3.21.2002

You know you're an Optional Necessity fan when you eat Chocolate Cheese Pancakes for breakfast on the day of the show and follow it with a nice big bowl of Kellogg's Smacks. The show is tomorrow, so here's a bit of last-minute info regarding stuff that's going on tomorrow night. Come at 8:30 to catch Dirty Band-Aid In The Swimming Pool. This pure fresh-out-of-the-can punk rock is loud and crazy, everything real Punk Rock should be. If you really, really hate punk rock, then the chances are smaller that you like ska, but if you really, really only want to hear Optional Necessity play, come at about 9 or so. Doors Open At 8:00. Bring $2 for admission. To hear the comments of others leaving one of our previous shows, it's a great value for only $2. Also, bring money to buy a T-shirt if you wish. Here's a great suggestion: If you bring a $20 bill, you will be able to get into the concert, buy a can of Mountain Dew, and buy a white T-shirt with the Optional Necessity logo, the "mural". If you want to come, but don't know how to get to Club 180, we've got a map. For more information, click here. So come and join us for what I feel is one of the best live shows in the area.

And always, ALWAYS Keep It Real.



Rory the Roadie, 3.19.2002

Good day, eh? All of you should come to our show on the 22nd (This Friday). If there is one thing Optional Necessity is known for, it's putting on a really, really good live show. So come or be wishing you were there, because it's awesome. Not only do you get our unique ska-rock music, but you get that whole crowd atmosphere, and a bunch of other cool things.

We are aware that another band, called Serenity, has a show that is on the same day. Let me make this clear: You do not have to pick between the two shows. You can catch both. Serenity starts at 7, Optional Necessity starts at 9. So, theoretically, you could catch 4 hours of music and then the 11th Hour at Club 180, with our very own FiCi Hyland as DJ. Suddenly, your Friday schedule looks very full, doesn't it?

Also, if you're really into out-of-the-can punk rock (Warning: this is even more punk than MxPx), come at about 8:30 because Tommy has gotten together with 3 friends and formed a straight punk act called Dirty Band-Aid In The Swimming Pool.

Over on the side, you'll notice a new addition to our site: a Merchandise section, where you can select T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing articles to help show your support, and Evan has even offered a plush rabbit with an Optional Necessity T-shirt, and a mini-basketball hoop that you can put right above your trash can and make baskets. Oh, and as an incentive for you to buy Optional Necessity stuff at our shows rather than just coming and ordering online, it will be $1 to $2 cheaper to buy stuff at the shows, and you don't have to pay for shipping, so if you want to buy an Optional Necessity T-shirt, you should bring money to the show and buy it there. But if you forget, you can always order it online. So that's something for all you T-shirt junkies that are always looking for another T-shirt.

So, to sum it all up, come to our show. If you wanted to go see what Serenity was all about, you can still catch our show, because ours comes after the Serenity show. It costs $2 to get in to our show at Club 180. If you don't know how to get there I'm not sure, but I think Mountain Dew will be available for those who want it. And bring some money if you want to buy a T-shirt and support your favorite local ska-rock band (that's us). And keep it real.



Rory the Roadie, 3.1.2002

How's it going eh? We're bummed because we're not playing tonight.. We could have been at Club 180, but instead Zach and I are in my room, brainstorming ideas (or at least trying to) and listening to Five Iron. Mountain Dew cans are littering the floor. Anyway, if you've seen the posters hanging up around school and came to our website to see what we're all about, we're having a show on the 22nd. It was going to be tonight, but stuff got in the way, and plans got all weird, and we accidentally scheduled the show on the same weekend as Dead Serious About Life, which created a scheduling conflict with Matt, the Club 180 guy. So that's why we're in my room, bored and looking for something to do, rather than laughing at how we sound on our latest recording. Here's the details on the new show:

Club 180
March 22, 2002
8:00 PM(music starts at 9)
$2 at the door

Map to Club 180

Anyway, that's all she wrote. Keep it real.