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>>We're a "Ska-Rock" & Punk band in Westfield, Indiana. Look below for our latest news and other randomness. If you do not like punk rock and Ska, or have found your way here by mistake, please press the back button on your browser several times.

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Saturday, May 18, 2002

Pictures Now Available, along with the usual stupid commentary.

News & Updates





Well, I survived the FIF/Squad Five-O show (barely) and I’m feeling good. Reese bit the head off a stuffed squirrel, and belly flopped the stage, and Squad Five-0’s Singer was doing flips into the crowd… yeah it was rowdy, but anywho… Finals are this week, and I get to come home to Indy on FRIDAY (yeah!). So here’s a summary of stuff with the forthcoming CD from Optional Necessity:


If you want to download the MP3 of start over, click here.

If you can’t understand what I’m saying-- get the lyrics, click here.

If you want an optional necessity or smell no evil records buddy icon, click here.

To e-mail me and tell me that you want a CD when they are available, click here


Go see Crimson Fallout on Dec. 14th if you go, you can tell me there that you are in for buying the CD (I’m the tall guy with dreadlocks)

We aren’t fully sure when the CD will finally be available. Post production takes time, and if we screw it up, the CD will be bad, and we don’t like bad here do we? We’ll have a better idea by the 20th so we can let you know then, eh? We’ll be sure and put something up immediately when the CD is done, so keep checking back, a’ight?


Lastly, two things, 1) a shout to my friend who has no appendix (you know who you are), and 2) go see LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS… YEAH!






From The Fack


Hey again


For those of you who like to know words, we’ve finally added lyrics for start over to the lyrics page. HAHA suckers, I’m going to see Five Iron Frenzy and squad five-O on Saturday. Man, I’m stoked. But I’ll hopefully see a bunch of you at the Crimson Fallout show on the 14th. I’ll be there, and if you want to be told immediately when we finish the CD so you can buy one, I’ll be taking names and e-mail addresses. Or you can e-mail me right now and tell me that you will want one.


More to come, but until then, Peace, love and TATERS!!!







From the Fack


Happy turkey day to all. Hope you had fun, I know I did. And you are probably wondering what went on in post production this weekend. Well, I’ll tell you:

Stephen Berry (optional necessity charter member, and my best friend on the planet), my dad and I went in and worked on mixing the CD with pro-tools digi-001, and as usual, there is good and bad news.


The bad news is that we won’t have it done in time for the Covert Ops: Crimson Fallout show on the dec 14, <sigh>. You all need to come, though, so you can reserve your copy of the O.N. EP.


But on to the good news: we’ve got an MP3 of our song start over up as a preview of the album. So click here.


This is going to be cool, and by cool I mean totally sweet because this CD will be chalk full of suprises… tee hee hee. But seriously, folks, this CD will be an excellent way to remember all the fun you’ve had at our shows. It’s a shame we had to stop playing, but such is life sometimes…






From The Fack


Greetings from Purdue, this is my first time posting news, so sorry if it’s stupid, but there’s some cool stuff coming up. We went into the studio at the end of the summer to record an EP on Smell No Evil records, and recorded 5 songs plus a no horns/ no vocals version of Hardcore Nursery Rhymes. With everyone spread out, though, we haven’t been able to get the thing mixed and mastered. I have a rough mix that I’ve been playing for people up here, and it has been a unanimous “this stuff is great!!” so you guys are in for a treat. Hopefully, we’ll finish post production over thanksgiving, and the CD will be ready for release at the Covert Ops: Crimson Fallout show on December 14.


The songs will be (in no particular order)

(Talking to a) Brick Wall

Start Over

Ode to Snacks

Idiot Savaant

Skin of My Teeth


We will also be getting some new pictures up from our shows this summer, and you can click here to see NEW STUFF--Optional Necessity and SNE records buddy icons for AIM. We’ll be posting an mp3 of one of the songs as well sometime next week, so keep checking in here, for all your fun times…

The lord bless you and keep you, the lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.




Rory the Roadie, 7.26.2002


Well, this is it, eh? our last show. It is going to be at Lord of Life Christian Church in Westfield. It is the church that is next to the NAPA auto parts store. We have a map.

We are going into the studio at Keynote Communications (the music ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ) to record our songs, hopefully for a short CD of our original songs that we can distribute to those of you who are interested in keeping a little piece of the experience.

I couldn't let you go without teling you how grateful we are to you, our fans, for supporting us as we became something of a local phenomenon and how grateful we are to God for giving us this opportunity to share our music with all of you and set good examples and give you something worthwhile and fun to do on Saturdays. We are thankful for each and every one of you, our fans.

Until we meet again,

Keep it real,

~Rory the Roadie.


Colin, 7.25.2002


Well our farewell show is coming up this weekend. The date for the show is Sunday, July 28 at 8p.m. at Lord of Life Lutheran Church. Hopefully we will have a map up soon.


In other news we will be recording tracks for a CD on the 29th.




Rory the Roadie, 7.8.2002


How many people out there like to have fun? How does an Optional Necessity show sound to you? I'm not just talking fun, i'm talking FREE FUN! That's right, this show is for free. We're going to be at the Fitzgerald Estate in Carmel at 5:30 or 6 (music will start later than 6) for a River Oaks youth outreach event featuring 2 bands: Optional Necessity (That's us) and Blue-Eyed Radio, a Keynote Communications summer project band. This show will be lots of fun, and it's set in the lush forests and wide greenspace of the Fitzgerald Family Estate in Carmel. We have a map to the Fitzgerald's for you if you do not know where this is. We hope to see you all there because this is a free show so you can't complain about the price.

Keep it real,



Zach, 7.8.2002


I thought i would give everyone the complete details about our next show. It
is this Sunday. This is a free show. So everyone should come. It starts at
6 and will end at roughly 9. We will have a map on our site as always.
Also this is a really short notice i know. So please foward this to everyone. I know the other band will not be anything like us. They are called Blue Eyed Radio. From what i heard they are a light rock/ pop kind of band. But this will provide something for eveyone. It will be a good time so come if you can. Thanks




oh and we are looking for a show on the 28th on july. If anyone has a place
or house or something that would work contact us. Thanks




Zach, 7.5.2002


Hey there everyone. I just wanted to tell you all about our next show. It
on July 14th. I don't know alot of info yet but here is what i know. It
will be Sun. July 14th, sometime in the evening. It will be some type of
youth event with a keynote summer project band. I am not sure what else to
day other than its free. We will have a map on our site soon. Please foward this to everyone on your e-mail list to help promote us. Later





Zach, 06.17.2002


Hello. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that came out to the show on
Friday. I was told by everyone that went it was good. If you didn't go then
you missed out on the Dew song......We gave out a insane amount of free dew
that night. Hope everyone enjoyed it. I will have pictures up soon. Also we
are playing on the 28th in Elkart. If ya want to go i will have info soon.


Keep it real.