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Skin of My Teeth

Music: Stephen, Zach, J.D.

Lyrics: Evan


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I know that you can't see what's plain to me
You know there must be more than what the naked eye can see
One to another, nothing in-between
Why can't they realize that this is more than simple routine?

We run and we hide but
They have that look in their eyes
First my hands, then my feet
Now just the skin of my teeth

Once we can all look to the other side
We might begin to see a turning of the tide
All minor differences are washed away
Now there is only one thing left for me to say

Hey brother, Hey sister
What took so long to get here
I knew you, You knew me
Welcome to reality

Our eyes are open, we've been made new
In one existence of one spirit, me and you
This place is new to us, yet home at last
What has been shown to us so different than the thoughts of the past

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