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Talking to a Brick Wall

Music: Tommy, Zach

Lyrics: J.D., Tommy, and Jack Prelutsky


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You are nasty and you're loud
You're mean enough for two
If I were a cloud,
I'd rain all day on you
But I am not condensed water vapor
Floating in the air
I am just a guy with a story,
But still you don't care

You're not listening to what I say, but still you think you do
There is nothing I can say, there's nothing I can do
Please don't worry, I'm not offended
After all, it's not your fault

He is there and he's watching over you
Doesn't make a difference what you believe to be true
That's the way it is and it will stay
And changing it won't do any good no matter what you say

Same old story to the end
But that doesn't count for much
We can talk 'till we're blue in the face
But it's still not a crutch

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